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Frequently asked questions

Paxos is a very peaceful and tranquil island away from all the main tourist attractions elsewhere in Greece. 
There are no officially licensed discos or nightclubs in either Lakka and Loggos. 
The local tavernas and bars often play music to encourage enjoyment of visitors and locals on the hot summer nights. Whilst most of our properties are not affected by this, some properties located near the villages may experience some noise during peak season. We will endeavor to provide you with the best information. 

Many of our houses have air conditioning installed. 
Details are given on each property’s description. 
For Houses which do not have air conditioning, 
an electric fan will be available in each bedroom. 

Please feel free to ask us about moving extra beds into our properties. 
If we are able to accommodate your needs, we will be happy to oblige. 
Furthermore, a charge of a discounted rate will be added to your bill, 
for any extra person added to your package. 

Greek wiring and plugs are the same as in most other parts of Europe. 
Nevertheless, if you are visiting the island from either the United Kingdom 
or the U.S.A. we also recommend that you bring an adapter for any 
electrical appliances that you are bringing. 

Water on the island is a precious commodity and is supplied mainly by rainwater

and from the two reservoirs and their desalination plants.

Because of this, we ask that we use water supplies sparingly in accordance with

local guidelines, to help preserve the supply for the rest of the island.

Furthermore, almost none of our houses are fitted with washing machines or dishwashers.

Not many properties have baths, therefore showers are much more common.

Tap water on Paxos is not safe to drink, although the quality of the tap water on Paxos may

be used for showers, cleaning your teeth etc so we strongly recommend you drink bottled

water which can be bought everywhere very cheaply.

We encourage all visitors to take precautions to ensure unwanted guests do not intrude upon

your holiday. Please ensure that you do not leave unattended food in open spaces to ensure

pests are not attracted into your living space. If you do experience any problems, our local

office have effective ways of removing the problem.

Furthermore, due to many mosquitoes it is advisable to buy repellents from the local chemist

as well as using plug-in repellent tablets from the local shops.

Generally, the best time to visit Paxos is during May and late October where the weather is

very warm and bright in the day with a cooler temperature in the evening.

Temperatures reach a peak of around 30 C to 35 C degrees during July and August.

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We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your holiday needs.