Routsis Car Hire rental terms.

Dear guests, thank you for choosing our car rental company,


All Routsis cars are insured by CDW, please note that in Greece the CDW doesn’t cover:

  • Damage to the tires and wheels
  • Damage to the underside of the car
  • Damage to the widescreen and mirrors
  • Accidents or damage caused whilst under the influence of alcohol

The Renters liability for damage to the rented vehicle can be reduced under the condition that o Greek Traffic Law has been violated to a minimum charge of 700,00€ for a group A or B car and 950,00€ for all other Groups.

For the duration of the car hire contract, you are responsible for any car damage and this includes third party damage due to no fault of your own.

Electronic keys are NOT waterproof and there is a minimum charge of 180,00 € for replacement.

Please turn off the lights, radio and air conditioning before you turn off the engine otherwise the battery will go flat and it is not covered by Insurance.

Routsis Car hire is aware of the damages to each individual car and rely on the customers integrity to report additional damage immediately.

 In case of any accident, please stay with the vehicle and call Routsis Car Hire immediately, Failure to do this will make your Insurance invalid.

Please return the car with the fuel level the same as you received it.

For all Groups drivers must be over 19 years of age. A valid driving license held for at least one year, is required from the driver.

A rental day starts at 10:00am and ends at 09:30am. Please note: in case you wish to keep the car later than 09:30am, this will incur an extra’s day charge.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel 2 weeks prior to your arrival then Routsis Car Hire will refund you the deposit, if you cancel less than two weeks prior to your arrival then the deposit is not refundable.

No cancellations will be accepted without a confirmation email.

Thank you very much

Routsis Car Hire